The meaning of design

A design studio is not a factory. Design – whether a website or app, a packaging or visual – is not a cookie-cutter product.

Design is a visual manifestation of something that is deeper – a belief, an idea to communicate, or an extension of a company’s values.

A design has to say something and mean something to the client, for the client, and to the end user.

Been doing some self-reflection recently. Reading through my past journal entries, I find a passion burning in me that cannot be extinguished.

Perhaps my biggest strength (and sometimes weakness) is that I question everything (deeply), and have a strong set of beliefs. Sometimes, that just doesn’t sit well in society. I have learned to tone down my passionate self-expression, but I am still trying to find the balance between living true to myself, and making a valuable contribution to the world I live in.

So much has changed over time. The core in me has never left, but my thoughts and mindsets have matured through a lot of weathering. Which can be a good thing I guess.



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